PHP is a server-side scripting language which is the backbone of almost every web development project these days. PHP can be used to build simple web pages as well as huge enterprise level projects with complex business logic. At Ranium, we provide you with the best quality structured web development with server side coded on PHP. Our PHP based web applications work absolutely smooth irrespective of heavy traffic. Our team uses the most advanced features PHP has to offer, so as to deliver you a robust and feature rich backend.


Laravel is an open source web framework based on PHP. It lets the development of web applications in an architectural plan following model view controller pattern. We build applications with Laravel that offer comprehensive views making it super easy to fold in different browsers. With Laravel, we develop dynamic web applications that are simple and efficient. Our team has a hands-on experience in providing high-level abstractions of common web development patterns through Laravel.


Magento is said to be the present and future of e-commerce technologies. It is an open source, PHP based platform for extensive e-commerce stores. It is highly rich in features and provides control over both functionality and appearance of your e-store. We create outstanding inventory management applications with Magento that help big companies in making effective online sales. Our team at Ranium excels in designing user-friendly and feature rich e-commerce stores based on Magento and PHP.We also build custom extensions for your web store with Magento.

Cake PHP

Cake PHP is also an MVC framework which provides architectural features like those of Ruby on Rails. It can roll out an application in a rapid development model with flexible features. We develop web apps on this modern PHP framework that enables flexible database access layer with minimal code. Our team believes Cake PHP to be the recipe to succeed. We develop web applications with minimal code and redundancy that perform faster on all browsers.


HTML and CSS help you build and style websites. We, at Ranium, address all your web customization requirements. Our expert professionals are proficient in CMS Themes, HTML/CSS coding, Responsive Websites and New Design Adaptation in existing Websites. So, whether you need a plain HTML Website, a CMS driven website or custom developed website, we are always there to assist you.

Java (Android)

Android development with Java as a programming language creates strong and high scale native applications for Android devices. These applications are compiled with different components, each of which is invoked individually. If you prefer Android development over hybrid applications, we are there for you. We create native Android applications that are features rich as well as use an extensive database. Usually, we develop these applications using Android Software Development Kit (SDK) but there we can also use other development environments, as per client’s requirements.

Objective C/Swift(iOS)

Objective C is the primary language for creating applications for iOS and OS X. Objective C is a general purpose object oriented language with dynamic runtime capabilities. The code we write in Object C is portable and can be ported to other too, if there are any such requirements. Our professional experts have in-depth knowledge and full-fledged experience in an objected oriented language like C. Hence, our team loves working on dynamic applications for iOS.

Node JS

Node JS is a Javascript based open source services framework. Node JS today is the backbone of MEAN stack applications and other technologies. It is equally effective for both native and hybrid applications and uses Javascript on the server side. We develop backend with Node JS that enables dynamic page content for scalable network applications. At Ranium, we have expert cross-platform application developers who make an effect of Node JS runtime environment to deliver high-quality hybrid and other applications.

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