PHP and Laravel package for is a simple and lightweight API for current and historical foreign exchange rates. We came across this wonderful service while developing a recent project. I searched but couldn’t find any PHP client fitting our needs for the project so I decided to build a PHP and Laravel package for the same. PHP Client

This is a standalone PHP client for It can be easily installed using composer.
composer require ranium/fixerio-php-client

After installation, you can use the client in your code as follows:

use Ranium\Fixerio\Client;

$accessKey = '12345678901234567890';
$secure = true; // Optional, default is true (only paid plans of supports SSL)
$config = []; // Optional, guzzle command client config that you might want to pass

$fixerio = Client::create($accessKey, $secure, $config);

$latestRates = $fixerio->latest(
        'base' => 'USD', // optional
        'symbols' => 'INR', // optional

// Display the INR rates
echo $latestRates['rates']['INR'];

You can find the complete installation and usage instructions on the Github project page. Please feel free to report issues or feature requests on Github. Laravel 5 Package

At Ranium, our framework of choice is Laravel. And the project where we needed a client for was being developed in Laravel. So I went ahead and created a Laravel wrapper for the PHP client.

You can install the Laravel package with:

composer require ranium/laravel-fixerio

After installation, you need to publish the config file.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-fixerio

Then edit the fixerio.php config file to put your access key and configure the caching. The Laravel package comes with an additional feature of caching the API responses. This saves your monthly bill.

The usage is as simple as

use Fixerio;

$latestRates = Fixerio::latest();

For more details, configuration options and usage please refer the Laravel Github project page. Please feel free to report issues or feature requests on Github.

Note: For more details on all the available API methods and endpoints, please refer the official documentation.

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