The Chase


Million Dollar Chase is a Fantasy Major League Baseball game where users build their streaks by unlocking players using the code cards found in the packs of 2013 Topps Baseball Series 1 and Series 2. Each unlocked code adds a random hitter to user’s streak.

Users activate a hitter for one or more streaks. If the hitter gets a hit in the game, the user’s streak keeps going on. The streak breaks the moment the activated hitter for a particular day doesn’t get a hit on that day.

There are numerous prizes to be won for Streak of 5, Streak of 10, Streak of 15 etc. The ultimate chase is for the 1 Million Dollar prize which the first user who gets a Streak of 60 will win.

The project was built on Croogo (CakePHP) with custom plugins for the fantasy game. An elaborated admin dashboard was built to keep track of all the codes unlocked, user’s streak and stats.

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